Zanzibar Urban Adventures

Behind our Zanzibar Urban Adventures team are Aino and Khamis, a Finnish-Zanzibari couple who want to show visitors the most exciting and beautiful sides of Zanzibari culture! Along with them are Juma and Ahmada, who are equally eager to show you around Zanzibar City. All our guides are Zanzibari and have lived significant parts of their lives in the city.

Khamis got his start in tourism when he was still a teenager, working as a tour guide while studying at a language school. Guiding became his passion, which led him to study tourism and eventually start his own business. Khamis loves to learn new things and new life philosophies through books and videos. He'll be the first to tell you to be positive, and to set your mind on the future you want to create!

“After travelling and living in Europe I had learned so much, I wanted to be part of this industry to create the same experience for others. I believe people who choose Urban Adventures will be open to really see and learn.”

Aino is a Finnish journalist who has always had a passion for travelling. Zanzibar seemed the ideal place to settle down, as the easy-going culture, Arabic esthetics, and African joy of life made a perfect combination for her. In her free time, Aino indulges by reading books and finding new adventures with Khamis and their son.

“It feels terrible to know so many people pass through Zanzibar and only see the beach and a Western-style hotel, and the only interaction with Zanzibaris is through beach salesmen. I wish everybody could see how extraordinary this island really is. Urban Adventures gives a great platform for that.”

Juma came to the travel business by chance, but soon found out how much he enjoys spending time with people and sharing the nature and life of Zanzibar with visitors.

Ahmada has worked as a guide for 10 years, but before that he was a chef – ask anything about food and he'll know! He’s also full of stories and jokes.

We have a great respect for the culture and nature of Zanzibar, and running ethical, sustainable tours has always been a priority. On our tours, the money will always go to the people you meet.